Our Services


Dog Walk A brisk 20 minute exercise session for your pooch to stretch their legs and take care of business. Great for owners who work long hours!
Standard  A standard visit lasts for approximately 30 minutes. Each visit includes a 15 minute walk, fresh water, medication if needed, feed as directed, litter box/cage check, playtime and TLC! Also includes the "extras": home security check, mail & newspaper pick-up; alternate lights/blinds; turn on/off TV or radio for pets;  water plants or garden; fill outdoor bird feeder; set out trash/recycling on collection days.
Extended  An extended visit lasts for approximately 60 minutes and includes everything with a standard visit plus an extra-long walk, vigorous playtime and extra TLC!
Overnighter For the pet who needs that little extra. A 12-hour, overnight visit includes the "extras", a standard visit in the evening and a standard visit in the morning, along with company for your pet throughout the night.
Pet Taxi Transportation to the veterinarian or groomer. Fee includes 30 minute wait and travel time.


One Standard Visit a day The minimum for cats, birds, fish, and other small caged pets. Visits are the same time each day.
Two Standard Visits a day The minimum required for dogs and available for all pets. Visits take place approximately 12 hours apart - between 8:00 am - 11:00 am and 7:00 pm - 9:00 p.m. 
Three Daily Visits Includes 2 standard visits in the morning and evening and a dog walk visit midday.
The Extras In addition to daily pet care, a home security check, mail & newspaper pickup, daily litter box clean up, cage cleaning, alternate lights, blinds and TV or radio, fill outside bird feeders, water plants or garden, and set out and retrieve trash/recycling on collection days.